Takashimizu Junmai Muroka Cup

Takashimizu Junmai Muroka Cup

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Takashimizu's delicious, fresh and dry Akita cup shelters its freshly squeezed junmai in a sleek aluminum can that protects it from light and makes it easy to chill. This sake is quickly refrigerated and stored after pressing to preserve its original flavor and richness. Delightful notes of almonds, violets, honeydew melon and maple syrup. A fantastic junmai that delivers with full-body, a juicy broad structure, and a dry finish. (Plus, the lightweight, recyclable can is quickly chilled in a cool mountain stream!). This is also a unique way to experience yeast #601, fairly rare and associated with the now-famous Aramasa brewery (Akita), without committing to a full bottle!

Location: Akita
Rice: Local Akita rice
Polishing: 65%
Water: Soft well water
Yeast: Kyokai #601
SMV: +2
Acidity: 1.5
ABV: 15.5%
Starter method: Sokujo

With its rich nature and abundant land, Akita prefecture is blessed with high-quality rice. “Akita’s excellent rice makes Akita the sake nation”, enough so that my second trip to Japan post-Covid was all the way to far-off Akita, where I confirmed that it truly is the land of sake. Akita Shurui's mission is to provide everyone with sake made with quality local rice. Perhaps simple, but pursued earnestly, the company’s motto is “quality first”. Premium rice and renowned on-site well water, combined with highly skilled brewers have continued to produce Takashimizu sake unique to Akita prefecture.

Great with yakitori, yakisoba, glazed, grilled or braised proteins, miso, tinned fish & saucy stir fry.