Sunflower Seasonal Club

Sunflower Seasonal Club

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$125-150/quarter, $5 enrollment fee credited to first shipment

The Sunflower Seasonal Club is a quarterly selection of 4 bottles at a variable cost (appx. $125- $150). Like the monthly club, seasonal bottles will come with a full backstory, tasting notes, recommended pairings, and a breakdown of why the sake tastes the way it does. For a quick overview of sake seasonality, read on!

Selections follow the seasonal sake release calendar:

Spring: fresh, lightly sparkling, unpasteurized Arabashiri, Shiboritate & Namazake, as well as fresh and delicate umeshu. 🌱

Summer: more Namazake as well as Natsuzake, aka Summer sake. Light, often lower alcohol, chillable or great served over ice. This shipment might also include selections for camping and late nights around the fire. 🏖

Autumn: Hiyaoroshi: nutty, slightly richer, often heatable, as well as Doburoku signalling the onset of harvest and the new rice crop. 🍁

Winter: celebratory Daiginjo, aged selections for heating, end of autumn Hiyaoroshi (banshu uma zake), yuzu and aged umeshu, as well as Shiboritate and live nigori from small American craft sake brewers. ☃️

The initial membership fee is $5, which will be credited toward your first shipment. Seasonal club members will be notified when the sake arrives and will be given (at least) a 1 week heads up on the club launch date and payment processing. Seasonal clubs will always be released on Saturday, tentatively the first Saturday of the month, although that is subject to product arrival due to the current shipping situation. Shipping (when it is your fulfillment preference) will be applied at the time of payment processing.

Club members also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Pick-up/delivery:
    • Two free taster flights of club sake for those picking up their shipment in person ($10 for non-members), or
    • Free delivery to the Portland metro area the Thursday following club day 
    • Discounted shipping (Oregon only)
  • $0 corkage for club members
  • While current, club selections are discounted 10% 
  • Classes and events are discounted 20%
  • Exclusive choice and use of a personal sake cup from the Sunflower collection, which is stored at Sunflower in a special drawer under your name. This benefit will redeem at the opening of Sunflower Sake's permanent location in Summer 2022. 1 per person, up to 2 per membership.

Because of the unpredictable nature of shipping in COVID, seasonal club shipments are estimated to be available sometime in Spring (Mar-May), Summer (June-Sept), Fall (Oct-Nov), and Winter (Dec-Jan). For context, in 2021 Hiyaoroshi (Fall sake) was released in Japan early September but didn't land in Portland until mid-December!

Club charges are scheduled quarterly on the first Saturday of April, July, October and January, but the exact date may be adjusted to accommodate shipping delays. Once the seasonal sake shipment has landed, I’ll send out an email notification to club members alerting you when your shipment is available for pick up/delivery or when it's going in the mail. For those who aren't able to pick up, free local delivery is available on Thursdays as well as discounted Oregon shipping. 

An ochoko

Important notes & disclaimers:

New Members: new seasonal club memberships are charged $5 at time of enrollment in order to collect payment and address information. This enrollment fee will be credited to the member's first shipment. 

Waitlist: Membership slots may be limited as supplies depend on 3-4 months of advance planning. A waitlist will be maintained when club spots are unavailable.

Seasonal Club Pickup/Availability: Once the seasonal sake shipment has landed, I’ll send out an email notification to club members alerting you when your club order will be available for pick up/delivery or when it's going in the mail. The turnaround between notification and availability will typically be around 1 week.

Free Local Delivery: Club orders are eligible for free local delivery in lieu of in-store pick up. Please choose the associated option when placing your order.

Shipping: Due to limitations in the Shopify platform, subscriptions can only be processed as "shipped" items, regardless of whether or not you plan to pick them up in person. Our workaround is as follows:

  • When selecting your club membership, please indicate your preferred delivery/pick up option from the drop-down menu.
  • When checking out, select "shipping" (pick up/delivery will return an error message) and enter your shipping information as you normally would. You should not be charged for shipping.
  • We'll be using your drop-down selection to inform your preferences. If you need to make adjustments in the future, please contact us directly.

While shipping to WA and CA is enabled in club checkout, actual shipping is only available in Oregon. Additional states won't be eligible for shipping until late 2022. 

For the monthly club, Oregon shipping is a discounted flat rate of $20. For the quarterly club, shipping is $30. When both monthly + seasonal can be combined, total is $35. If your preference is to receive your club order via shipping, the charge will be applied at the time of payment processing. Please also note that per the requirements of the OLCC, an adult with photo ID must be present to receive the delivery.

Adding to Club Shipments: If you'd like to add a'la carte bottles to your club shipment, there is no additional charge for local delivery (still free) and for shipping, note that it is very cost effective to increase your order up to a case!

Payment: Seasonal club subscription payments are tentatively scheduled for the first Saturday of April, July, October and January. Please note that the exact date is subject to shipping arrivals and may vary! Keep an eye out for the quarterly club announcement, which will give you a little lead time.

A valid credit or debit card is required for membership unless other arrangements have been made.

Limited Product Availability: While active, seasonal sake are 10% off for seasonal club members. Note that club selections may be subject to availability and are usually my favorites from the seasonal releases-- meaning, they will probably sell through first.