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Sunflower Sake Club
Sunflower Sake Club
Sunflower Sake Club

Sunflower Sake Club

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The Sunflower Sake Club uses its monthly selections to deep dive on special bottles, special stories, and education: teaching you how to understand, pair, and enjoy sake at home. Each club pack contains as much goodness as I can fit into $80, and because all club sake are discounted at least 10%, you get a lot more for your money ❤️

These 2-3 bottles may be some combination of 180ml, 300ml, and 720ml formats. With each bottle you'll receive a detailed backstory along with illustrations, comics, videos, snacks-- all sorts of media, as needed to tell the story!

Club members also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fulfillment:
    • Discounted shipping ($20 <75F; $30 Summer shipping with ice and insulation)
  • $0 corkage for club members
  • Wednesday Lessons discounted 20%
  • Monthly club is where I allocate many of my limited releases, new arrivals, special bottles and rarities. If you don't want to miss out on these, monthly club is the way to go.
Monthly club shipments will be available for pick up, typically the first Tu-Wed of the month (occasionally the second) and are charged on a recurring basis the day before pickup.

An ochoko

Important notes & disclaimers:

New Members: All new memberships are charged at time of enrollment for their first pack. Depending on supply, you may be eligible to receive the current month's club pack if supplies are available. Otherwise, the enrollment charge will be applied to the following month's release.  

Waitlist: Membership slots may be limited as supplies depend on 3-4 months of advance planning. A waitlist will be maintained when club spots are unavailable.

Cancellation/Pausing: We respectfully ask that if you need to cancel or pause your subscription, please let us know ~2 weeks or more ahead of the estimated launch date (early January, April, October, and July). The reason being that your club bottles may already have been purchased by the shop, and are being held until all selections arrive. The more notice the better, but this at least gives us the opportunity to notify folks on the waitlist, communicate a change in order needs with our suppliers, and adjust our materials printing needs. We're a small shop, so every order is a big deal-- it really helps to plan in advance! So while there is no penalty for cancellation or pausing, we really appreciate your understanding.

Through our shipping partner, shipping is available nationwide to all states/counties that permit alcohol purchases. While I maintain a short list of dry counties, we ask that you check your local regulations to confirm before ordering. When you purchase sake from Sunflower, you agree that your purchase is considered to have been transacted in Oregon and under Oregon law-- as though you were ordering in person at the shop. Shipping is then fulfilled post-purchase at the customer's direction.
No sales tax is applied (as is law in Oregon), and it is the customer's responsibility to follow up with their local government to determine if any subsequent tax is due.

For club orders, shipping is charged at a discounted rate of $20; $30 in Summer (June-Aug). Please also note that per federal requirements, an adult with photo ID must be present to receive the delivery.

Due to limitations in the Shopify platform, subscriptions can only be processed as "shipped" items, regardless of whether or not you plan to pick them up in person! Our workaround is as follows:

  • When selecting your club membership, please indicate your preferred delivery/pick up option from the drop-down menu.
  • When checking out, select "shipping" (pick up/delivery will return an error message) and enter your shipping information as you normally would. You should not be charged for shipping.
  • We'll be using your drop-down selection to inform your preferences. If you need to make adjustments in the future, please contact us directly.

Adding to Club Shipments: If you'd like to add a'la carte bottles to your club shipment, there is no additional charge... so it's very cost effective to increase your order up to a case!

Payment: Subscription payments are typically processed the week of release, but can also be processed on the first of the month if a consistent day is preferred. A valid credit or debit card is required for membership unless other arrangements have been made.

Limited Product Availability: While active, each club's selections are 10% off for members of the respective club. However, please note that club selections may be subject to availability. This is especially true for seasonal items which are imported and stocked in very limited quantities.