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Hours & Information

Opening mid-August 2022

107 SE Washington St. #121
(the beautiful, bright yellow Olympic Mills building!)

- Closed 2-3 PM for lunch -
Tuesday 11-7
Wednesday 11-7
Thursday 11-8 
Friday 12-9 

...and the truth is, I'll probably be open some Saturdays and Mondays, particularly for classes, pop-ups, and special events. But to save you the heartache of showing up on a day that I'm closed, and as a solo operator, for now I'm calling Tu-Fri the official schedule. Thank you for understanding!

General shipping on orders will be available starting August 2022. Due to legal restrictions, shipping is only available to certain states. Note that all shipping fees include carbon offsets through EcoCart as well as boxes sourced from PNW factories (not ULINE) making Sunflower shipping a bit more expensive-- but also a bit less awful-- than the alternatives.

Local delivery:
Within Portland proper, online orders >$100 are eligible for free local delivery on Thursdays and Fridays. Otherwise, the delivery fee is $10. Club members may also receive free local delivery once a month with their club shipment.
Pickups are always available by arrangement.

Note that a 21+ year old must be present to receive the order-- this is the law! Silly, but them's the rules. Before bringing your delivery, I will reach out to coordinate a time and ensure you are available to receive it.

Additional hours and events:
Instagram, events, and email newsletter (in that order) are the best places to check for upcoming events.