Current Pour Menu

Truth is-- it changes so often that currently, it's not digitized. I'll generally have new arrivals open + a rotating cast of compliments. There are always a minimum ~25 bottles open, usually closer to 30, plus any bottle can be enjoyed on premise with a corkage of $10 (and unfinished taken to go, as long as the bottle is closed and kept in the back seat of the car per Oregon law).

Flights are a flat $20 for 3x 45ml pours, are curated from a discussion of your tastes and interests, and include a small otsumami.
Prices vary $6-$22 per 3 oz glass (90ml), $13-38 per 6 oz carafe (180ml). 240ml is also available by request and priced proportionately.

Any sake available warmed-- otherwise, it will be served at the recommended temperature. For warm & chilled sake suggestions, just ask!

Otsumami, drinking snacks:

Namemiso, locally produced miso from Jorinji or Sunflower  -    Complimentary 
Fancy Okaki from Drinking Buddy   -   4
Japanese Fish Jerky & Tsukudani   -   MP ($8-13)
Raisin Butter   -   9