Shichi Hon Yari Junmai Namazake Genshu (Special order only)

Shichi Hon Yari Junmai Namazake Genshu (Special order only)

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Due to limited fridge space, this namazake is currently available by special order only. Orders placed prior to Monday of each week can be fulfilled the following week (deliveries are received on Tuesday & shipments/pickups will be made available Wednesday). Thank you for your understanding!

 Brash, yeasty, biscuity nose; fresh, grapefruity flavors; sharp and clean finish. I find this nama characteristically Shichi Hon Yari: herbal at first, with notes of juniper, dried spearmint, hops, early season...not quite sweet yellow melon, and of course minerality-- limestone rich spring water, served on ice. A fullness on the mid palate brings out the umami-- like kombu dashi or sea lettuce, it's briney and cleansing. 


  • REGION: Shiga
  • GRADE: Junmai Genshu Namazake
  • ABV: 17-18%
  • SMV: +2.0 (dry)
  • RICE: Tamazakae
  • YEAST: Association #1401
  • PRESSING: Fune


Founded in the 1540’s, the Tomita Brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Japan and is now managed by the 15th generation of the family, Yasunobu Tomita, who is also the brewmaster. The Tomita’s named their sake Shichi Hon Yari, or “Seven Spearsmen,” after the leaders of the historic Battle of Shizugatake which was fought just outside their town of Kinomoto.