Tensei Tokubetsu Honjozo "Endless Summer"
Tensei Tokubetsu Honjozo "Endless Summer"

Tensei Tokubetsu Honjozo "Endless Summer"

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This sessionable honjozo reminds me of being beachside with a nice cold Mexican lager stuffed with a wedge of lime and a dash of salt. It has that classic, perfect honjozo balance where the flavor is full while remaining light on its feet. Notes of green melon, salt, brown rice and green apple. 

Sake like this definitely makes an argument for human and cultural driven terroir in brewing. Could Endless Summer come from anywhere else but Kanagawa?

Brewery: Tensei Shuzo
Brand: Tensei
Grade: Tokubetsu Honjozo
Established: 1872
Prefecture: Kanagawa
Rice: Gohyakumangoku
Polish: 60%
Starter method: Sokujo

Tensei is a multi-talented brewery defined by an entrepreneurial spirit, an international outlook, and a laid-back surfer atmosphere. The cultured and forward-thinking brewery has a hand in other enterprises as well, including a beer brewery, a Japanese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a bakery, and an art gallery all on site. The Tensei brand is inspired by Kanagawa’s beautiful coastline and surfer culture. The town is also the birth place of the famous Japanese woodblock art, The Great Wave.

No need to dress it up: pull Endless Summer out when you're having tacos, chips and guac, a fresh Spring salad, a feta and watermelon Summer salad, proscuitto-wrapped melon, or chili-lime BBQ shrimp skewers. Any Spring-Summer fare is going to pair perfectly.