Yuki Otoko Junmai "Yeti" (2024 bottling)
Yuki Otoko Junmai "Yeti" (2024 bottling)

Yuki Otoko Junmai "Yeti" (2024 bottling)

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Aoki Shuzo, also known for their ginjo brand Kakurei, designed Yuki Otoko to be their super-dry brand of sake. For a while it was so popular in Japan that the annual production sold out too quickly to export. They’ve since scaled up so it comes to the US in limited amounts.

The palate is super fresh and clean, like snowmelt on a mountain. A touch floral, a bit of soft spice (nutmeg,  allspice) and a nutty almond-hazelnut-sobacha umami. Super dry finish with cleansing astringency. It's a real everyday brew, perfect for folks who like their sake dry and clean.

Aoki Shuzo, 青木酒造
Location: Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture
Rice: Miyama Nishiki (local)
Polish: 55%
Water: On-site well water from an underground mountain current. Very soft
Starter: sokujo
SMV: +12
Acidity: 1.2

Produced by Aoki Shuzo (est. 1717) in Niigata. Clean, bone dry, and well-refined. Serve chilled or warm. Yuki Otoko, the bigfoot/yeti of Japan, is illustrated as a large hairy humanlike creature by Suzuki Bokushi in his masterpiece, Hokuetsu Seppu, the early 19th-century topographic essay on life in the snowy southern Niigata region, where the brewery has been making sake for 300 years. Bokushi’s son became the seventh generation of the brewery. Legend has it that the Yuki Otoko has helped travelers carry their loads and guided them through mountain trails. The brewery donates part of their proceeds to support local rescue activities for hikers.