Tsuchida Kimoto

Tsuchida Kimoto

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Gentle notes of mascarpone, almond, fried plantain, and dried raisin. Like a multicultural trail mix. Complex and pronounced, yet soft and well balanced sake with gentle sweetness, rich umami and refreshing acidity. The palate reads like a smooth pumpkin puree with cranberry gastrique, and sake works widely with traditional Japanese flavours and western dishes. I recommend playing off the flavor intensity and complexity with dishes to match: unagi don, horumon, shiso maki, roast squash with salsa macha, roast duck, and nutty mole dishes.

Prefecture: Gunma
Category: Junmai
Rice: Asahi no Yume (local)
Polishing: 60%
Koji ratio: 30% (above usual)
Yeast: #701
SMV: -2.7
Acidity: 2.3
ABV: 14%

Tsuchida Sake Brewery is situated in Kawaba, a small village of 3,100 people in Gunma Prefecture, a mountainous region northwest of Tokyo. Established in 1907, Tsuchida has been a family operation for six generations. Using natural spring water from Mt. Hotaka filtered over 50 years by nature, all of Tsuchida's sake is made using the traditional kimoto method. In addition, Tsuchida sake contains no additives, including distilled alcohol, manufactured lactic acid, or enzyme agents. Their philosophy is focused on minimizing additions and subtractions, to let the rice and microbes express themselves clearly.