Tedorigawa Junmai Yamahai "Silver Mountain"

Tedorigawa Junmai Yamahai "Silver Mountain"

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Elegant, precise, and earthy. Fantastic at any temperature. Absolutely one of my favorite yamahais and the door into yamahai for daiginjo fans. 

Mineral, very mild, vaguely earthy at first-- but gets rounder as it sits. Straw, molasses, honey whole wheat bread, banana chip, untoasted oak and mesquite chips, acorns, buckwheat, brown rice, flint, earth. Extremely well integrated acidity, a truly subtle and profound balance. A drawn-out ricey savoriness.



  • Region: Ishikawa prefecture
  • Rice: Yamadanishiki & Gohyakumangoku
  • Polish: 60%
  • Starter: Yamahai
  • Yeast: house (Kanazawa lineage)



Pair with just about anything. Or nothing at all! I love sipping this by itself and admiring its balance. Spanish cheeses, tapas, middle eastern cuisine, roasted vegetables, potato gratin. In the area of Ishikawa from which this comes, deep fried river bait fish (gori), tamago kake gohan yaki (pan-fried, seasoned eggy rice onigiri) topped with scallions and nori, as well as katadofu made with rthe fres