Chiyo Shinomine Junmai MNG Yamahai Omachi "666"

Chiyo Shinomine Junmai MNG Yamahai Omachi "666"

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Utilizing Omachi rice polished to 66%, the famed no.6 yeast from Aramasa, and an SMV of +6, this sake is round and layered with mouth-coating savoriness and a firm, crisp finish. Brewed using Yamahai method and yeast #6, Sakai-san intended this sake to be carried through by a fresh acidity.

Master brewer Tetsuya Sakai favours the time-tested sake rice varietals and the heirloom grain Omachi is as old and classic as it gets. "New breeds are made for easy farming, not great brewing," he says. 

Shinomine stood out like a sore thumb at Sake Day SF this last year, and I had to have it. Delicious, tart, sharp, minty herbal-- a gorgeous display of the fresh side of Omachi.


Location: Gose, Nara
Style: Muroka Nama Genshu (unfined, unpasteurized, undiluted)
Rice: Omachi (Akaiwa, Okayama)
Polishing: 66%
SMV: +6
ABV: 17%
Yeast: #6

Chiyo Shuzo is located in the picturesque town of Gose in Nara Prefecture. Using underground water that flows down from Mt Katsuragi, Chiyo has been making sake since 1873. Current brewery President and Toji Tetsuya Sakai took over operations in 2007. Previously a wine maker, Sakai san brings an interesting approach to sake making. His sakes deliver pronounced, but clean acidity and impeccable balance. He believes that unpasteurized sake can be brewed to be stable, balanced and ageable; an uncommon practice when producing Namazake. Most of his sakes have a bit of residual CO2, which gives off a refreshing, spritzy feeling. The brand, Shinomine, is named after the mountains which make up the brewery’s verdant surroundings.