Shichi Hon Yari Junmai Ginjo Nigori "Winter Warrior"

Shichi Hon Yari Junmai Ginjo Nigori "Winter Warrior"

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The aroma on Winter Warrior nigori is muted, quiet-- gin, juniper, pine or hops, a light melon sweetness, like the sweetness of early-season melons that aren't quite at their sweetest yet, and a strong line of minerality: spring water, dissolved minerals, steel, forest streams. 

For such a quiet aroma, you may not expect the intensity of the palate, which punches forward with lactic power! Tart yogurt, creme fraiche, herbal tea, melon and mint salad, and licorice notes. There's a compelling sort of romaine lettuce bitterness and an astringent mineral-bitter shibumi on the finish. 

Shichi Hon Yari is made at Tomita Shuzo, a very, very old brewery (1540!) with a truly unique style. If there's one thing that aligns all Shichi Hon Yari sake, it's a dry, lean, mineral quality-- even so for the nigori, which is very unusual.