Mimurosugi Junmai Ginjo "Dio Abita"

Mimurosugi Junmai Ginjo "Dio Abita"

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Dio Abita-- God Dwells-- in the mountains, streams, earth and walls of Miwa, Nara: where Imanishi Shuzo, makers of Mimurosugi, is based.

Legend has it that Imanishi Shuzo predates even the 1141 Sudo Honke, although verifiable records only date to the 1600s. Mount Miwa is considered the resting place of the god of sake, which makes Imanishi its castle. And while documents don't exist to prove its age, centuries of oral history cannot be interrupted by fires and human turmoil. Imanishi supplies sake for Omiwa shrine, which is Japan's oldest shrine and the house of the God of Sake.

Dio Abita is a 13% ABV genshu (undiluted) sake which has been pasteurized once for stability. It is off-dry with a bright and clean acidity, fresh, lemonade-like Ginjo aroma, juicy and round on the palate, with notes of yakult, apricot and lemon meringue. A divine experience that leaves you wanting more

Prefecture: Nara
Grade: Junmai Ginjo
Rice: Yamadanishiki
Polishing ratio: 60%
Yeast: House 
Water: Medium soft subsoil water from an underground aquifer originating from Mount Miwa, a divine mountain
Fermentation Method: Sokujo
Alcohol: 13%
Acidity: 1.8
SMV: +3