Matsunotsukasa Junmai Daiginjo "Tosui"

Matsunotsukasa Junmai Daiginjo "Tosui"

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Matsunotsukasa has brewed Tosui for many years as its representative higher-class sake. The rice used to make it is Yamadanishiki grown in the Special A-rated old Tojo area of Hyogo Prefecture, milled to leave 45% of the grain.

Fermentation is precisely controlled through small-batch production, a reflection of Matsuse Brewery's carefully brewed style. Additionally, Tosui, which means euphoria, is one of Matsuse's oldest saké. It was created early on before they started successfully planting their own Yamadanishiki. So for Tosui, the Yamadanishiki comes from Tōjō in Hyōgo as it always has. Tosui is also a blend of two sake: one that was fermented with floral yeast and one fermented with non-floral. The purpose is to create a high quality sake with a balance of character, both aromatic and palate, for enjoyment with food-- not tasting competitions.

A crystalline, mineral aroma with undertones of muscat and ripe peach is followed by unfolding layers of fine umami (wtf is fine umami? I'll try to articulate in a moment) scaffolded by a sharp spine of acidity and concentration. On the palate, don't hate, I get this lovely, nostalgic rainbow sherbet/Tampico Punch thing as the top note. A dense core of tongue-coating, velvety umami fills the mid-palate (by fine umami, I sort of mean that it feels luxurious and three-dimensional, without being at all overwhelming or clumsy). Followed by a brilliant, warming, and looong finish. 

One of my favorite JDG since Tsuki no Katsura Heian-Kyo (currently out of stock).

  • Location: Shiga
  • Rice: Toku-A Yamadanishiki (Hyogo)
  • Polishing: 45%
  • Starter: sokujo
  • ABV: 16.5%
  • Yeast: N/A