Drinking Buddy Wasabi Shoyu Mayo rice crackers
Drinking Buddy Wasabi Shoyu Mayo rice crackers
Drinking Buddy Wasabi Shoyu Mayo rice crackers

Drinking Buddy Wasabi Shoyu Mayo rice crackers

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Tangy, creamy Kewpie mayo dust meets the mildest spice of fresh wasabi. On a vessel of crunchy, ricey goodness, Wasabi Shoyu Mayo sets sail for your tastebuds. 

So delicious-- you will have zero regrets. Delightful with any sake: from the most elegant to the most rustic. Delicious with tea, beer, and pet-nat.

Made in Japan. In Oregon, exclusive to Sunflower Sake!

Contains allergens: sardine, tuna (bonito), egg, soy, wheat.


I became aware of Drinking Buddy snacks through the Drinking Buddy podcast. At the time I was selling a handful of tasty goodies from Uwajimaya-- you know, crispy cheesy mochi, fried noriten, nori shoestring potatoes, Jagarico. All the good stuff! But it didn't really jive with the Sunflower ethos, so I knew it had to change. I authentically want to support small producers, and these are not small producers...not by any stretch of the imagination. 

I knew about Drinking Buddy snacks because the host of this podcast had talked about his story. When he and his wife went to visit her hometown in Osaka, they packed their bags full of tasty local senbei to share with friends in Laguna Beach. After enough trips, they got the inevitable "hey, you should sell these"-- and in light of their shared desire to support the shrinking industries in these rural Japanese towns, decided, "hey why not?"

So when I was in LA visiting a friend, I tracked down some Drinking Buddy snacks and they are about 10x more delicious than I ever expected. I inhaled the Wasabi Shoyu Mayo, dusted with the rich umami goodness of kewpie and just a touch of twangy wasabi. I disappeared the spicy-sweet, crispy glazed Rayu Senbei like it was my job. Everyone I shared them with did the same, and the deal was sealed. Send me a case! I'd found Sunflower's new snack.