Miyozakura Junmai "Panda" Cup

Miyozakura Junmai "Panda" Cup

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Panda cup is, like so many of my favorite sake, classically Gifu style: rich, broad, ricey, even custardy, but what stands apart about Panda is that it has a nice dry finish at the end. Can we say that it's Panda-like in nature? Fuzzy, soft, big in the center, but with a little sharpness at the end?

Compared to my other favorite Gifu cup, Kusudama Sarubobo cup, this has that same lovely ricey richness, but with a drier inflection. Both are fantastic examples of Gifu's ricey, creamy style.

The five petals of the Sakura Flower represent the elements of flavor (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and astringent). Miyozakura strives to create balance of these flavors with the strength of their own hands and top quality ingredients. With a respect and thankfulness their natural environment, the path to their goal of making the ultimate sake is still clouded.
Enjoy in the serveware of the region, mino-ware: with characteristic colors of deep green, earthy tan, and brown, painted into freeform, artistic shapes. 

Brewery: Miyozakura Jozo
Prefecture: Gifu (Mino area)
Rice: Asahi no Yume (local)
Polish: 70%
Yeast: #901
Water: Kiso River
SMV: +6.5 (dry)
Rested: 1 year before release

Soft, plump udon noodles dripping with creamy miso soup, sweet-savory yakiniku ribs, semi-firm sheeps milk cheese, simmered sake-shoyu pumpkin, artichoke with lots of Duke's mayo, oden, anything pork belly, rustic, funky Japanese pickles, mac & cheese, any drinking snacks you can think of...