Tedorigawa Daiginjo "Iki na Onna "

Tedorigawa Daiginjo "Iki na Onna "

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Like all of the Tedorigawa sake, this is elegant, mineral, delicate-- a neighbor and friend to fine wine.

Iki Na Onna (translating to Lady Luck) is brewed in very limited amounts for the Association of Lady Sake Retailers, and as a woman sake retailer, I am especially proud to stock it on occasion. In the words of Dawn Davies MW, this is a stylish sake: beautifully poised and balanced with hints of wild honey and touches of wild flowers. The palate is vibrant: a genshu at 16-17% ABV, with surprising power. minerality carries the structure, concentrated but somehow featherweight, like the best Chablis.

An excellent choice for lovers of Tedorigawa Kinka Daiginjo Namazake.


  • Region: Ishikawa prefecture
  • Grade: Daiginjo¬†
  • Rice: Yamadanishiki
  • Polish: 40%
  • Starter: Sokujo¬†
  • SMV: +5 (dry)
  • Water: Tedori river
  • Yeast: house (Kanazawa lineage)