Tedorigawa Daiginjo "Iki na Onna"

Tedorigawa Daiginjo "Iki na Onna"

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Like all Tedorigawa, Iki na Onna Daiginjo is elegant, mineral, delicate-- a neighbor and symbiont to fine wine. But this bottling might be the one that belongs in front of the others, the one most elevated, most divine, ethereal or not of this earth...a ballerina cast as Odette in Swan Lake, a parcel allocated to Salon vintage, or the achingly heartbreaking leading notes of Poulenc's Flute Sonata...

Iki Na Onna is brewed in limited amounts for the Association of Lady Sake Retailers, and as a woman sake retailer, I am especially proud to stock it on occasion. In the words of Dawn Davies MW, this sake is "beautifully poised and balanced with hints of wild honey and touches of wild flowers. The palate is vibrant: a genshu at 16-17% ABV, with surprising power. minerality carries the structure, concentrated but somehow featherweight, like the best Chablis."

An excellent choice for lovers of Tedorigawa, daiginjo, or sake in general.

Region: Ishikawa prefecture
Grade: Daiginjo 
Rice: Yamadanishiki
Polish: 40%
Starter: Sokujo 
SMV: +5 (dry)
Water: Tedori river
Yeast: house (Kanazawa lineage)