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Denshin Honjozo Shiboritate Namazake "Fuyu"

Denshin Honjozo Shiboritate Namazake "Fuyu"

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This sake has very refreshing aroma and juicy character, with notes of white pepper, ripe persimmon, brazil nut, white pepper, medjool date, bosc pear skin, cream of wheat, crabapple, and soft forest floor. It makes my mouth water and delivers a crisp, smooth, bright and slightly effervescent taste. The overall impression is of brightness, clarity and gentle astringency.

In early October, right after the rice harvest, Ippongi Shuzo starts brewing sake for the year. The first tank they brew is Denshin Tsuchi-- a pasteurized sake available year round. At the end of October, the first fermentation tank will be ready to be pressed. Denshin Fuyu--winter-- is the unpasteurized nouveau sake set aside from this very first tank. It is a seasonal sake, bottled right after being pressed (“Shiboritate”) and without the pasteurization, which brings out its refreshing aroma and juicy feeling.

The distinct brewing method they are referring to is alcohol-added sake, which produces a particular style. As this is the only brew Denshin makes with added alcohol, it reflects their overall commitment to quality while being a unique stylistic departure from their usual Junmai. The website reads:

As we can find in the old book of sake brewing techniques called “DOUMOU SHUZOUKI”, written in the early Edo period (1687), Japanese knew that adding shochu (Japanese traditional single distillation alcoholic beverage) to moromi (sake mash) could influence in stabilizing the quality of sake, lightening and harmonizing the flavor and so on. It shows that Japanese has a long history of making fortified type sake.
Currently, about 75% of sake produced in Japan is fortified type. In general, the alcohol used to add to sake is the pure alcohol made from molasses, which is mostly imported from Brazil and distilled it to 95% of alcohol/vol. with using a continuous column still.
With that being said, our concept of Denshin items is to be the sake made from all ingredients from Fukui prefecture. Therefore, for the distilled alcohol we add for Denshin Tsuchi and Denshin Fuyu has to be made by ourselves. We produce rice shochu (from rice made in Fukui, using single pot still) to add to those 2 items. The technique using shochu as adding alcohol is called “Hashira-shochu preparation”, which was used in the Edo period.
We will be grateful if you can discover the attractive of fortified sake through its light and smooth texture that comes from fortified technique, which is a different direction from junmai type.


  • Brewery: Ippongi Shuzo
  • Brand: Denshin
  • Grade: Tokubetsu Honjozo Namazake
  • Established: 1902
  • Prefecture: Fukui
  • Rice: Local Gohyakumangoku
  • Polish: 65%