Amabuki Junmai Ginjo "I Love Sushi" Cup

Amabuki Junmai Ginjo "I Love Sushi" Cup

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This sake speaks for itself, the perfect choice for a casual sushi picnic. Amabuki's I LOVE SUSHI Junmai acts as a palate cleanser with its dry finish, soft acidity and moderate umami. The most mellow of the Amabuki lineup, using the rare, local Saga no Hana rice.

The cutest cup and a really fun and easygoing brew as well.


  • Brewery/ Brand: Amabuki
  • Rice: Saga no Hana
  • Polishing: 60%
  • SMV: +7 (quite dry)
  • Acidity: 1.7
  • Alcohol: 15%
  • Yeast: Wild yeast isolated from strawberry flowers & Queen of the Night flowers (aka  Epiphyllum oxypetalum, the Dutchman's pipe cactus)


Established 1688 in the Southern island of Kyushu region, Amabuki Brewery has been producing sake earnestly for over 325 years. They primarily use locally harvested Saga rice and semi-hard underground water to create unique, high grade sake. Their specialty - a new style of earthy, complex sake using flower yeasts- is a combination of their skill, creativity and hard work, as well as their participation in the tiny, but passionate, Hana Kobo (flower yeast) Association.