Sunflower Sake Clubs

a watercolor picnic basket with sake in it!

Sunflower Sake Club 

The Sunflower Sake Club is a monthly pack where we dive deep on special bottles, special stories, and education: teaching you how to understand, pair, and enjoy sake casually at home.

An example set of 3 monthly club bottles that might be featured in a club shipment

These 2-3 bottles may be some combination of 180ml, 300ml, and 720ml formats, discounted 10% from their retail price, and available for pick up the first Tuesday of the month.

With each bottle you'll receive a full backstory, tasting notes, recommended pairings, and a breakdown of why the sake tastes the way it does. 

The monthly club contains a mix of everyday, special occasion, and seasonally appropriate brews. Because we can play with format and size, there's a lot of flexibility to include some really special bottles.

Club membership also includes the following benefits:

  • Pick-up/delivery:
    • Free taster flight of club sake for those picking up their shipment in person ($10 for non-members), or
    • Free delivery within Portland (city) within a week of club release
    • $20 Discounted shipping on your club order, which can be increased up to a case for no additional shipping charge.
  • $0 corkage for club members
  • While current, club selections are discounted 10% 
  • Classes and events are discounted 20%.

a watercolor picnic basket with sake in it, on a Spring day covered in cherry blossoms

Seasonal Sake Club 

The Sunflower Seasonal Sake Club is a quarterly selection of 4 bottles at a variable cost (appx. $125- $150). Members will be notified when the sake arrives and will be notified of the pick up day, typically 4-7 days in advance. Like the monthly club, seasonal bottles will come with a full backstory, tasting notes, recommended pairings, and a breakdown of why the sake tastes the way it does.

An example set of 4 Spring namazake bottles that might be featured in a club shipment

Selections follow the seasonal sake release calendar:

Spring (pick up May-June): fresh, lightly sparkling, unpasteurized Arabashiri, Shiboritate & Namazake, as well as fresh and delicate umeshu.

Summer (pick up Aug-Sept): more Namazake as well as Natsuzake, aka Summer sake. Light, often lower alcohol, chillable or great served over ice. This shipment might also include selections for camping and late nights around the fire.

Autumn (pick up Nov-Dec): Hiyaoroshi: nutty, slightly richer, often heatable, as well as Doburoku signalling the onset of harvest and the new rice crop.

Winter (pick up Feb-Mar): celebratory Daiginjo, aged selections for heating, end of autumn Hiyaoroshi (banshu uma zake), yuzu and aged umeshu, as well as Shiboritate and live nigori from small American craft sake brewers.

Added membership benefits are the same as the monthly subscription (see above)

To sign up for either club, please purchase here!

An ochoko

Important notes & disclaimers:

Waitlist: Membership slots may be limited as supplies depend on 3-4 months of advance planning. A waitlist will be maintained when club spots are unavailable. Typically, exta inventory is ordered and an opportunity to sign up at the time of release is offered via newsletter and social media.

Seasonal Club Fulfillment: Because of the changing nature of shipping in 2022 and beyond, seasonal club shipments can be difficult to predict. I'll do my best to ensure that products arrive within the appropriate season to enjoy.

Once the seasonal sake shipment has landed, I’ll send out an email notification to club members for the following week alerting you when your shipment is available for pick up/delivery or when it's going in the mail, and when your card will be charged. 

Shipping:  Shipping is now available via a fully licensed and permitted shipping partner to all states except UT, DE, and dry counties! Club shipments are always $20, and can be expanded up to a full case for no additional charge.

Please also note that per federal shipping requirements, an adult with photo ID who is not visibly intoxicated, must be present to receive the delivery.

Payment: Club payments are processed at 12:01AM on release day. A valid credit or debit card is required for membership.

Limited Product Availability: While active, each club selections are 10% off for members of the respective club. However, please note that they may be subject to availability. This is especially true for seasonal selections which are imported in limited quantities.