Akishika Okarakuchi "Super Dry" Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu

Akishika Okarakuchi "Super Dry" Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu

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The dry, dirty martini of the sake world. Like a spiced gin distilled with clove, almond and grains, the mid-palate brings a resonant, rich intensity while the finish ends sharply-- a crisp, briney clarity. Faint, unassuming aromatics of soft pear, white pepper and rice bran give way on the palate to deep, ricey umami: kombu dashi, five spice and apple chip. In addition to being super dry (SMV +15), this nama is also undiluted: high in flavor intensity as well as ABV, and also high in acidity (2.6): roughly double your typical junmai. An overwhelmingly crisp, refreshing bottle which is equally delighftul on ice as it is warm.

Brewery: Akishika Shuzo
Location: Nose, Osaka
Rice: Yamada Nishiki
Polish: 60%
Starter Method: Sokujo
Yeast: #11
SMV: +18
Acidity: 2.2

Most sake brewers buy their rice – some from contracted farmers, most from unknown sources. “From our own fields to bottle” is the motto of Akishika Shuzō, where 6th-generation kuramoto Oku Hiroaki made a decision to take the brewery as close as it gets to being self-sustained for rice production.
At present, the brewery farms 25 hectares of biodynamically grown rice, sacrificing high yields for superior quality and taste. Breaking with the production methods of postwar Japan and going against the trend of the time, Oku-san was one of the initial pioneers of junmaishu, sake made without any additives; and in 2009, he achieved the goal of the brewery’s entire production being made that way. Akishika ages a big part of their production until it reaches perfect drinking condition, allowing them to offer an unrivaled variety of matured sake.
Using their unique fermentation method of dissolving a very high portion of the fermentation rice into the brew while maintaining low amino acid levels, Akishika’s sake is medium-bodied yet very flavorful, complex, and layered.

If you enjoy a dry martini, especially a real dirty one, this is a great sake for you. It's excellent with any rich cuisine (fried food, duck pancake wraps, fried chicken) but also pairs very well with bright, briney seafood, especially raw bar items like oysters, caviar and mussels, or salty gravlax. As a rule, it loves anything salty.