Akitabare Shunsetsu Nama Honjozo  "Spring Snow"

Akitabare Shunsetsu Nama Honjozo "Spring Snow"

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This very unique nama (unpasteurized) honjozo (alcohol added) sake is light and ethereal, guided by floral, mineral, and cashew notes. A soft, cheesecake-like, unctuous umami on the mid-palate brings weight to an otherwise feather-like brew. The finish is short and crisp, with light shibumi (astringency) creating structure. 

Location: Akita City, Akita
Rice: Gin no Sei (Akita)
Polish: 65%
Yeast: Akita Konno No. 12
SMV: +2
Recommended serving temperature: Ice cold, lightly chilled, or warm. The brewery recommends ice cold, but unlike many other nama it also does well warm, which brings out the soft texture and nutty notes.

Plays beautifully with anything citrus, jalapeno, or herbal-- think of it as behaving like a gin martini. Pair with Yuzu kosho flavored savory snacks, herbed cream cheese and toasts, fennel slaw, Kachka's Herring Under a Fur Coat, or a bowl of lemony olives.