Ichinokura Jukuseishu Junmai Koshu (300ml)

Ichinokura Jukuseishu Junmai Koshu (300ml)

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Well if this isn't a hidden gem...

Classic koshu notes of honey, beeswax, lanolin, sweet potato, mushroom, soy sauce, white miso, roasted chestnut, white raisin, smoked meats, and sesame, with a unique tart spin from the sake's uncharacteristically high acidity...a squeeze of fresh lemon. Very lightly sweet, but not at all a dessert sake. Just enough sweetness to balance the high acidity. Definitely appropriate for savory cuisine.

Unusually for sake, when this was originally brewed the intent was specifically to pair with a Miyagi regional specialty: beef tongue. But when they tasted the result, it was far too acidic, so the toji decided to age it rather than wasting the batch. After 3 years aging at ambient temperature the flavor had mellowed and integrated around the high acidity.

Brewery: Ichinokura Shuzo
Location: Miyagi Prefecture
Rice: Toyonishiki from Miyagi prefecture
Polish: 85%,
Aging: 3 years at ambient temperatures
Acidity: 3.8
SMV: -11