Tedorigawa Yoshidagura Junmai Yamahai "U"

Tedorigawa Yoshidagura Junmai Yamahai "U"

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One of Japan's most creative young guns is rapidly redefining the now-famous Tedorigawa brand. Where you see the name "Yoshidagura," you get a peek inside the future-facing vision of Tedorigawa. 

A balance of low alcohol and soft, ricey sweetness is held in tension against saline minerality, grapefruit astringency and prickly effervescence. "U" is balanced like a bit like an edelzwicker-- not an imitation of it, no-- without the acidity and tannin, but with the thoughtful, delicate, lithe form.

Notes of green apple, fennel, pineapple leaf, granite, mint and white peach. A thematic sibling to Masumi Shiro and Emishiki Sensation, as well as lovers of the full line of Tedorigawa, which for all its difference, still comes from the same water, the same terroir.

Prefecture: Ishikawa
Grade: Junmai Yamahai
Rice: Local Ishikawamon
GI Hakusan
Polish: 60%
Yeast: House (Kanazawa lineage)
SMV -5
ABV 13%