Exploration Sessions: Goals and Approaches

Exploration Sessions: Goals and Approaches
Three panels: the first says "Exploration sessions vol 1: sake & zakuski," the second has a brief summary of the purpose statement expanded upon below, and the third panel has event details for the first session, which took place in Oct 2022.

Defining Exploration Sessions

In the November launch of Exploration Sessions, the concept was introduced and we played with one version of what this series could look like. While the format can vary, the central goals of Exploration Sessions are as follows:

  1. Experiment with pairing sake, doburoku, amazake, makgeolli, mirin, and other rice-based beverages to a range of different cuisines, celebrations and holidays, or to other beverages, with particular attention to pairings that aren’t well explored (at least not in the English language).

  2. Invite a diverse collection of participants (both professional F&B and non-professional) so that the feedback and insights reflect a wide range of experiences and palates.

  3. Solicit and record feedback and insights from participants.

  4. Frame insights as instances of personal truth, storytelling and experience, rather than professional authority.

  5. Compile findings, recipes and comments from each session for publication on the website.

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