Tsuchida Shin 90
Tsuchida Shin 90

Tsuchida Shin 90

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Intense, rich, pre-modern style sake made with 90% polish table/eating rice (10% removed), kimoto method fermentation starter, and ambient yeast. The color is a deep golden, and the the character is rich, intense, dank and earthy. From the nose, notes of roasted sweet potato, burnt sugar, chicken drippings and nukazuke. The palate expands on this gracefully, with notes of baked plum, dried cranberry, hazelnut, caramelized pumpkin and balsamic-onion jam. The high acidity lets Shin drink with balance and a stronger sense of dryness than you might suspect for the low SMV. Deeply complex and fascinating in the same vein as Katori 90 or Tae no Hana.

Prefecture: Gunma
Category: Junmai
Rice: Asahi no Yume (local)
Polishing: 90%
Koji ratio: ?
Yeast: ambient
Starter method: Kimoto
SMV: from -11 to -15
Acidity: from 3.6 to 4.2
ABV: 16%

Tsuchida Sake Brewery is situated in Kawaba, a small village of 3,100 people in Gunma Prefecture, a mountainous region northwest of Tokyo. Established in 1907, Tsuchida has been a family operation for six generations. Using natural spring water from Mt. Hotaka filtered over 50 years by nature, all of Tsuchida's sake is made using the traditional kimoto method. In addition, Tsuchida sake contains no additives, including distilled alcohol, manufactured lactic acid, or enzyme agents. Their philosophy is focused on minimizing additions and subtractions, to let the rice and microbes express themselves clearly.