Tamagawa Junmai Koshu "Time Machine" 2021

Tamagawa Junmai Koshu "Time Machine" 2021

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Deep, complex, gently aged, made with a high proportion of koji. Delicious room temp to lightly warmed. Based on a 1712 recipe.

Tastes and feels like: Toasted hazelnut, mead, white soy sauce, golden raisins, crispy chicken skin, decaying fall leaves, dates, acorns, dried mushrooms, walnut butter, roasted squash, maple syrup, sweet onion marmalade, fenugreek, roasted yellow beets.

Location: N. Kyoto prefecture, Tango Peninsula
Rice: Kitanishiki (Hyogo)
Yeast: Ambient
Polishing: 88% 
Starter: kimoto

Pair with: cheese, nuts, foie, salty fishy or kombu snacks, ice cream, autumnal flavors, warm fireplaces.