Tae no Hana Junmai Kimoto Muroka Nama Genshu 2021 "Sublime Beauty"

Tae no Hana Junmai Kimoto Muroka Nama Genshu 2021 "Sublime Beauty"

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This super-unique, one of a kind sake has high umami, high intensity, high complexity, and evolves over time. When it's fresh from the brewery you'll get notes of whole grain barley and wheat, dried banana, vanilla, soft pear, steamed quinoa, brown butter, Nag Champa incense, white miso, fresh coconut meat, coconut, and crispy roasted chicken. The palate has elements of korean dried sardine broth and kombu dashi. A bit saline and marine. 

The body is full with a coarse, almost tannic texture, and fairly high alcohol at 17%. It's very impactful and benefits from a rich, flavorful pairing.

Youtuber Sake Boss likes it with bacon cheeseburgers, and in my experience anything big, bold, and high umami will do the trick. Aged steaks, pepperoni, broccolini pizza, okonomiyaki & takoyaki, yakitori, blue cheese, veggies & warm bagna cauda (or for the vegans, look up Jeremy Fox's recipe for miso bagna cauda), tonkotsu ramen... whatever the case, Sublime Beauty will cut right through and in the finish, reverberate and reanimate the best flavor elements from the dish.


  • Prefecture: Mie
  • Rice: Yamadanishiki (estate grown organic)
  • Polishing: 90%
  • Grade:¬†Junmai Kimoto Muroka Nama Genshu
  • Yeast: ambient
  • Starter: Kimoto
  • Acidity: 1.7
  • SMV: +8 (DRY)

Known since ancient times as the land of the ninja, Iga is also the town that is home to Moriki Shuzo in the prefecture of Mie. Rumiko Moriki is the 4th generation of her family to own the brewery, and along with her husband Hideki, they are not only the Kuramoto (owners) of this tiny brewery, they also are the Toji (master brewers). Rumiko’s fame is in being the first female Toji/Kuramoto in Japan, achieving that distinction in 1998. She has inspired a generation of female sake enthusiasts and there is even popular series of manga (illustrated novels) written about her life as a brewer. Nearly all work in the Moriki Shuzo is done laboriously by hand, including the growing of their own rice using organic methods. Much of the sake made by Moriki is Kimoto or Yamahai style and utilizes ambient natural yeasts.