Shibata Junmai Yuzushu "Black Yuzu" Flask

Shibata Junmai Yuzushu "Black Yuzu" Flask

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The yuzu fruit used is from Shibata’s local farm and is all organic. Shibata Black Yuzu is made with a junmai sake base using Ginpu rice from Hokkaido, which is clear and crisp thanks to the short growing season. The yuzu is squeezed with the skin left on so that the powerful aromatic oils in the skin are integrated into the sake and the light bitterness of the pith helps balance out the sake's light sweetness. Each individual yuzu fruit yields only about 20ml of juice. Brought to you in a unique 200ml flask which we like to call “Pocket Sake”.


  • Prefecture: Aichi
  • Rice: Ginpu
  • Polishing: (70%)    
  • Water: Kanzui  
  • SMV: +2   
  • Alcohol: 8% 


Shibata Shuzo was established in 1830 in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, and is currently led by the Shibata family’s 8th generation President. The village is called, “Kanzui” or “God’s water.” The water itself is outstandingly soft (water hardness of 0.2), and is one of the softest waters in all of Japan. Shibata uses this Kanzui water for every step in the sake production process, including for Shikomi Mizu, or preparation water. Led by Shizuka Ito, one of very few female Toji (brewery master) in Japan, Shibata sits at an elevation of 350 meters above sea level, and thereby benefits from cool summers and extremely cold winters.