Rihaku Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu Origin of Purity

Rihaku Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu Origin of Purity

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Powerful notes of white blossom, cantaloupe, jordan almond, sweet carrot juice, fresh mint, fresh ginger, hibiscus, vanilla, ume and loquat dance wildly on the palate, grounding you somewhere in untouched Madagascar jungle. The palate is fuzzy and soft, with a little bit of sweetness to balance the minty, gingery zing. 

Origin of Purity is a phenomenal pairing for anything wasabi, anything ume, anything shiso. With a snack (Wasabi crackers = 100%) the punchy alcohol fades and the intense, rich mouthfeel takes its place. Something interesting also happens with cheese, butter and cream-- the creamy dairy notes persist and become floral, fresh, like raw mountain milk. 1 + 2 becomes Z, that is, something totally different than each component on its own.  Its also notable that Rihaku recommends pairing with broiled mackerel...and who could disagree? 


  • Brewery:¬†Rihaku Sake Brewery
  • Brand:¬†Rihaku¬†
  • Grade:¬†Junmai Ginjo Muroka Genshu Namazake
  • Polish: 55%
  • Prefecture:¬†Shimane¬†
  • Yeast:¬†Hanakobo (flower yeast)
  • Rice:¬†Omachi
  • Established:¬†1882

I want to notify the Rihaku fans (you know who you are) that Origin of Purity is at once totally unlike the rest of the Rihaku line (subtle, mineral, low volume), but simultaneously the truest expression of the brewery, the passion project of its owner, and the beating heart from which Dreamy Clouds and Wandering Poet emanate. 

When now-president and 5th generation kuramoto Yuichiro Tanaka was studying at university (Todai, Tokyo Agricultural University fermentation department) his focus was on flower yeasts. A handful of breweries, for instance Amabuki, now specialize in sake brewed using yeasts derived from flowers-- this is thanks to the research Tanaka-san contributed to. And when he returned to his home brewery, he created a line of sake-- Rihaku-- which is delicious and clean, super mountain-influenced flavors, truly among my favorites.  Which is why Origin of Purity-- undiluted at 17%, from the (almost cult status!) Omachi rice, utilizing flower yeast-- powerful, complex and unapologetic-- is such a stunning departure from the rest of the line, and yet, feels like it belongs.