Onda “88” Junmai

Onda “88” Junmai

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For this brew, the rice is milled down to 88% of its original size before fermentation— typical for table rice, but far less milling than most sake.  Rich, juicy rice-laden flavors with funky aromas.

Rice:Ippon-jime (domaine grown)
Polishing: 88%
Water: soft well water
Yeast: M310
SMV: -1
Acidity: 1.5
ABV: 18%

Produced by Onda Shuzo in Nagaoka, a city located in the central part of Niigata Prefecture. As a domaine-style sake producer (which is very rare in the sake industry!) Onda grows the local specialty sake rice “Ippon-Jime” on its own land near the Shinano River and the Echigo Mountains. Norio Onda, the fifth generation owner-president-brewmaster, grows the rice in spring and summer, harvests it in fall, and brews the sake in winter.