Niwa no Uguisu Doburoku

Niwa no Uguisu Doburoku

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Niwa no Uguisu contains only 6% alcohol by volume, making it very(!) easy to drink and well suited to a lazy afternoon. It’s delightfully thick and has a nice fruity sweetness. Doburoku is not meant to be an especially complex beverage, but what it really offers is a pleasant and comforting display of soft fruit flavors: apple, peach, melon, kiwi, a bit of tart grapefruit, and soft fresh mochi. If you’re a fan of Calpis, Yakult, white Ramune, or even drinkable kefir, you’ll probably be a huge fan of this doburoku. Even though the texture is thick and it leaves a residue you may not be used to, I think it drinks so elegantly from glass and recommend serving chilled in a wine glass or thin-walled glass cup or ochoko, such as kiriko.


  • Brewery: Yamaguchi Shuzojo 
  • Brand: Niwa no Uguisu
  • Est: 1832
  • Grade: Grades are not technically assigned to doburoku, but this would qualify as a junmai ginjo.
  • Prefecture: Fukuoka
  • Rice: Yumeikkon
  • Polishing: 60%
  • Yeast: Proprietary
  • Starter: Sokujo

A Love Letter to Doburoku 
Adapted from Sunflower Sake Club writeup, March 2022