Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjo Omachi "Kyou Den" 2022

Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjo Omachi "Kyou Den" 2022

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but so pretty, so filigreed. I've been privileged enough to enjoy $800 omachi junmai daiginjo in the past, but if I had the option I'd take Kyou Den any day. Gorgeous and light with refreshing acidity like Kuheiji's Yamadanishiki Betsu Atsurae, but with the personality and verve of Omachi. Notes of sweet cicely, lovage, prickly ash and Okayama peach, coupled by a fine and minute velvet texture and bright, cleansing finish.

Like the power of Morey St. Denis softened by time, or the tannins of great nebbiolos rendered to sediment and memory, Kyou Den is shapely yet soft, a granite pebble honed by mountain streams.

Rice: Omachi (Akaiwa, Okayama)
Rice Polish: 40%
Yeast: Proprietary
ABV: 16%
Brewer website: kuheiji.co.jp

From the brewery website:
"Often with cereal taste or even earthy or very fruity depending on the production techniques, the rusticity of Omachi sake is its distinctive mark.
Notwithstanding, this variety can express itself differently, and offer a floral bouquet and notes of fresh fruit such as coconut.
The umami present unconditionally in Omachi gives body to the whole, while the discreet acidity prolongs the feeling of freshness at the end of the mouth.
The rice used is classified each year in the Tokuto category, and comes from our rice fields in Okayama, which we farm under a rental contract."