Kokken Yamahai Junmai 3Y Aged

Kokken Yamahai Junmai 3Y Aged

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This aged sake (new, 2023 bottling) has a heady, mature aroma and a deep, round flavor. Please serve at least room temp, or better yet at 105-115 for optimal expression of flavors. Having it chilled is like having a cold spice cookie, or a cold bowl of stew-- it just doesn't work as well!

With a bit of warmth to open up, this favorite Winter sake shows utterly rich, round notes of shortbread, nutty brown butter, soft sweet pumpkin, deep roasted umami-laden mushrooms, and beef broth: multi-layered with fuzzy texture and richness. The Yamahai brewing method adds umami, complexity and balancing acidity, while the clean mountain water and long aging add texture and layers of flavor.


  • Prefecture: Fukushima
  • Grade: Junmai Yamahai  
  • Rice: Yume no Kaori (local rice strain) 
  • Starter method: Yamahai
  • Yeast: Utskushima Yume Kobo (Fukushima yeast)
  • Water: semi-hard from Minami Aizu mountain range area
  • Alcohol: 15%


Award-winning Kokken Sake Brewery was established in 1870 and is surrounded by virgin Beech forests and meadows in the lush and snowy Southern Minami Aizu region of Fukushima (Japan's 3rd largest prefecture, home to a wide range of lakes, forests and mountains, giving them very large and diverse terroir for sake brewing). Utilizing the teachings of the Nanbu Brewmasters' Guild and their own local touch, they produce exclusively Tokutei Meisho-shu (Premium Grade Sake like Junmai, Daiginjo, etc.) and only use sake-specific rice varietals, specializing in local Fukushima strains. Kokken produces many different sake (especially Junmai), but their brews are well-loved by locals and at least 60% of their sake is consumed in Fukushima.