Kanbara Junmai Ginjo "Bride of the Fox"

Kanbara Junmai Ginjo "Bride of the Fox"

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Aromas of grilled nuts, pistachio, and a hint of white chocolate. Ripe honeydew notes finish crisp, with contrasting notes of rock sugar and fresh, dry spearmint.

Try with duck, fig-stuffed pork loin, or black cod with miso glaze. Delicious served chilled in a wine glass, but equally enjoyable at room temperature or warm-- particularly after it has matured a year or two since bottling.

This savory sake is inspired by local legends of Niigata's annual fox-bride festival. Local lore tells of mysterious lights on nearby Mt. Kirin, claimed to be the lanterns carried in a fox-bride procession. With a 50% polishing rate this sake could technically qualify as a Junmai Daiginjo, but the savory notes and food pairing versatility identify more with the style expected from Junmai Ginjo.


  • Location: Aga City, inland Niigata, near the Fukushima border
  • Rice: Gohyakumangoku (Niigata)
  • Polish: 50%
  • Yeast: Proprietary (house)
  • Starter: sokujo
  • Press: fune
  • Koji: small box method
  • Fermentation: low temperature


Kaetsu brews powerful, complex sake under its Kanbara label. Its home prefecture, Niigata, is otherwise known for producing light, clean sake. But Kanbara’s bold style comes from brewing sake that is muroka (not charcoal filtered) and brewed for enhanced richness and nuttiness. The husband and wife co-owners come from families with sake backgrounds and Toji Kenichiro-san has made sake for over 50 years, giving Kanbara a long history of talent and experience.