Kamoshibito Kuheiji "Eau du Desir" 2022 Vintage

Kamoshibito Kuheiji "Eau du Desir" 2022 Vintage

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An elegant, harmonious sake made with brewing techniques designed to impart flavors faithful to the rice that they so painstakingly grow. Eau du Desir is created for the palates of sake drinkers veteran and novice alike. Made with Yamadanishiki grown in the mountains of Hyogo, this brew features the deep and profound flavors indicative of the variety, particularly when it is grown in such an optimal climate. Yamdanishiki is also well suited for long-term aging, while gifting the sake brewed from them a velvety and pleasant mouthfeel.

Rice: Yamadanishiki (50%)
Yeast: Proprietary
Acidity: n/a
Water: n/a
SMV: n/a
Alcohol: 16%

From the brewery:
"We grow our own rice, the heart of our sake, in Hyogo Prefecture's Kurodashƍ, Okayama Prefecture's Akaiwa, and the Camargue region of France.We feel this is important so each and every one of our products is truly hand-crafted from start to finish.
This also means each vintage has its own unique story to tell.
It's terroir is ingrained in its very body, and our philosophy is to allow each vintage express that."