Joto Junmai Nigori "The Blue One" (Nakao Shuzo)
Joto Junmai Nigori "The Blue One" (Nakao Shuzo)

Joto Junmai Nigori "The Blue One" (Nakao Shuzo)

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This super-affordable nigori is creamy, soft, sumptuous, like an ultra-ripe, dripping anjou pear. Banana pudding, ripe dates, soft florals, and the delightful sweetness of rice itself: pillowy, mochi-wrapped bites of mango ice cream. 

Unlike many nigori Joto has no graininess, no astringency-- It's lightly sweet, lightly fruity. There's not a lot of umami here, or complexity, but the point is to be delightful, friendly, and approachable, with a thick but soft texture.


Brewery: Nakao Shuzo
Prefecture: Hiroshima
Junmai Nigori
Rice: Shinsenbon
Polish: ~65%
Yeast: #10
Water: very soft
Press: Yabuta press, single pasteurized, coarsely filtered

Poke bowls, Southeast Asian cuisine-- especially dishes that are salty-sweet-sour-spicy, coastal Mexican/Central American food (think ceviche, plantains, shrimp, etc), loaded sushi (you know, our beloved American styles with spicy mayo, teriyaki eel, avocado, tempura-- the whole kit and kaboodle), and Netflix & chill. Pair it with a curry from down the street and revel in the way its tropical sweetness dances with the palm sugar of the curry. Then have another little glass after dinner in lieu of dessert.