Izumibashi Junmai Ginjo "Megumi Blue Label"

Izumibashi Junmai Ginjo "Megumi Blue Label"

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An uncanny, gorgeous balance of acidity, mouth-coating and resonant umami, undulating contrasts of bright and deep. I love this sake, but it's so hard to explain in words, exactly what makes it special. 

Notes of Fuji apple, marzipan, crispy fried brown rice, basque cider and a squeeze of lemon.


  • Location: Ebina, Kanagawa
  • Rice: Yamadanishiki (local, organic, domaine grown)
  • Polishing: 50% (Koji), 58% (Kakemai)
  • Yeast: 901
  • SMV: +7 (dry)

Believing that good sake is made with good rice, Izumibashi is one of the few breweries in Japan that polish AND grow their own sake-rice with their own hands. The name Izumibashi comes from the Izumi river which used to irrigate their fields, and Hashi their family name. Together, Izumibashi means Izumi Bridge.