Harushika no Natsushika Junmai Ginjo
Harushika no Natsushika Junmai Ginjo

Harushika no Natsushika Junmai Ginjo

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Gentle flavors of strawberry, italian plum jam, honeysuckle, honeydew, papaya, rice pudding, and sweet almond, linger in this lower-alcohol (14.5%), single-pasteurized Summer release from Harushika in Nara prefecture. A beloved stop for sake lovers visiting the famous Nara Deer Park, Harushika is only a few blocks down the street. Despite being a small and historic brewery, they see hundreds of tourists a day in peak season!

This sake was featured in my very-first-ever Summer seasonal club, and it remains a beloved favorite. We're so happy to have it back on our shelves this year!

Harushika, ꘄé¹æ
Location: Nara Prefecture
Grade: Junmai Ginjo Nama
Rice: Yamadanishiki (Nara)
Polishing: 60%
Yeast: Harushika House
SMV: -ļ¼“
Acidity: 1.4
ABV: 14%

As far back as the 8th century, the Imanashi family, makers of Harushika, have been involved in ceremonial sake brewing for the Kasuga Shinto shrine. When the brewery was officially established in 1884, it took the name Harushika (Spring deer) from Kashuga, a deer deity associated with the local shrine. Even now, deer are revered and respected in Nara with over 1200 roaming freely throughout the city streets. A 10 minute walk from Nara central park-- deer watching headquarters-- will take you to Harushika brewery. Keep them in mind if you find yourself ever visiting Nara!