Fukuraijun Hon Mirin
Fukuraijun Hon Mirin
Fukuraijun Hon Mirin

Fukuraijun Hon Mirin

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If you've never had hon (translating to authentic or original) mirin, you are in for a real surprise.

Hon mirin, which is made with only three ingredients (glutinous rice, koji, and rice shochu) has been loved by people with a sweet tooth as a nightcap since the Edo period. Notes of toffee, miso, raisin paste, salted caramel, toasted nuts, dates and oatmeal...thick, unctuous, very sweet, low acidity... extremely satisfying, with a long finish.

This rich, viscous amber-colored mirin wasĀ fermented for 90 days using traditional methods that have not changed since ancient times andĀ thenĀ aged for about three years, delivering a deep sweetness and complex flavor. Mirin can be further aged in the bottle and will continue to evolve and concentrate.

MirinĀ is recommended not only for Japanese dishes such as mentsuyu, simmered dishes, and vinegared dishes, but also for adding flavor to sweets such as dorayaki, hot cakes, and castella. It's a fantastic, complex sweetener for cocktails and makes a mean eggnog, milk punch or spiked coffee. Served over ice with a bitter accompaniment such as nuts or cocoa nibs, mirin is also delicious on its own.

Note that mini growlers are filled in the tasting room and not labeled for individual sale, therefore, purchasing must be in person or by special arrangement. Please email to inquire.Ā 



For an excellent background on this traditional brewery, I can do no better than the experts at Oishi so Japan. Check out their article and brewery tour. It's fascinating!Ā 

Brewery: Hakusen Shuzou
Rice: Local (Hida, Takayama, Gifu)
Location: Gifu
Ingredients: rice shochu (distilled in house), local glutinous rice, koji, yeast