Dewatsuru Kimoto Junmai

Dewatsuru Kimoto Junmai

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Brewed using the traditional Akita-style Kimoto method passed down through generations at the brewery, followed by a slow, long, and low-temperature fermentation during the cold season. The resulting sake carries a fine, delicate nose of chestnut Mont Blanc, cocoa powder, and Danish butter cookies. Despite the sweet nose, this sake leans dry with smooth umami on the palate, carrying depth and richness, making this sake an excellent choice for protein-based pairings. 
Drink chilled for a silkier texture, refined acidity, longer finish, and notes of chestnuts and banana. Drink warmed to reveal sweeter aromas and a tightened expression with livelier impact!

Akita Seishu Co. Ltd., 秋田清酒株式会社
Location: Daisen, Akita
Rice: Miyama Nishiki/Menkoina
Polish: 65%
Water: Subsoil Water (Fukuryusui) from the Dewa Hills
Yeast: #901
SMV: +1
Acidity: 1.6
ABV: 15%
Aged 1 year before release

Founded in 1865 as Yamato Shuzoten, Akita Seishu's sake brewing policy over its 150-year history has been to grow rice locally, brew sake with a local flavor, and endeavor to make sake that is loved by the community. In recent years, the brewery has focused on producing Junmai sake mainly using the traditional Akita-Style Kimoto method that was popular at the time of the company's founding.

At home on the table with rich and hearty dishes- think hot pot, soy-simmered dishes (nikujaga, oden, etc.), tonjiru, etc.