Kokonoe Saika Junmai Yamahai

Kokonoe Saika Junmai Yamahai

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Delicate and fine, showing lifted minerality, a faint, maple-like candycap mushroom note, very delicate fruit notes of bruised asian pear, and a bit of zippy astringency on the finish. While most yamahai are thought of as being meaty and wild, this is a young, almost ginjo-like yamahai with lots of energy and freshness, nearly water-white in color: nothing wild or meaty about it. A slightly higher than average acidity, and a delicate mouthfeel, makes it wine-like at the table.

Look to delicate skin-contact wines for inspiration in how to pair Kokonoe Saika's distinct and special yamahai junmai. In the food, add a bit of extra spice and white pepper, a bit of extra vinegar, a bit of extra yogurt, to get the liveliness up to par with this sake. 

Delightful with mediterranean cuisine, anything redolent with spice, acidity and freshness, as well as raw proteins: fish crudo, tartare, and chilled tofu salad.

  • Brewery: Kokonoe Saika Jozo
  • Prefecture: Wakayama
  • Rice:¬†Gohyakumangoku (local)
  • Polish: 65%
  • Yeast:¬†#701
  • SMV: +3 (dry)

Profile: Kokonoe Saika is a rare brewery in that they not only brew sake but they also make vinegar as well. Situated in N. Wakayama prefecture in the city of Kinokawa, Saika was founded by Toyokichi Saika on the principles that "In order to make better vinegar we should consistently be using sake lees (aka. kasu) as the main raw material.‚ÄĚ Furthermore, he also hoped to produce sake that people can enjoy with food together along with his vinegar. The vinegar brewery was founded in 1908, and in 1934,¬†Saika-san began sake production as well, staying true to his motto of providing Japanese tables with good quality vinegar and sake.