Kenbishi "Kuromatsu" Honjozo Cup
Kenbishi "Kuromatsu" Honjozo Cup

Kenbishi "Kuromatsu" Honjozo Cup

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Nutty, ricey, toasty, savory goodness. One of the best honjozo on the market.

The younger brother of "Mizuho", aged 2-3 years and made from a mysterious, proprietary blend of rice, techniques, and historic methods. "A stopped clock tells the right time twice a day" is one of the mantras of Kenbishi--  they firmly stick to their historic recipe (with very rare changes, such as reverting to wooden fermenters about a decade ago)-- never chasing trends or brand new techniques.  By remaining committed to their old methods, Kenbishi maintains a loyal following of fans...myself included. 

Kuromatsu honjozo 180ml is packaged in a tempered glass cup, perfect for heating in hot water. Just prepare a small pot of hot water, submerge the container, and after a minute or so pull it out. Like Kenbishi Junmai Mizuho, gently warmed is my preferred temp.