Chiyomusubi "Oyaji" Junmai Ginjo Cup
Chiyomusubi "Oyaji" Junmai Ginjo Cup

Chiyomusubi "Oyaji" Junmai Ginjo Cup

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Cute packaging aside, this is a great junmai ginjo with a fascinating story. Goriki is Tottori's long-lost heirloom rice brought back from near-extinction in the late 20th century, now brewed into some of the prefecture's best sake. Oyaji is clean, smooth, with soft notes of chestnut, amazake, raw sugar, and hints of orchard fruit.

The Chiyomusubi series are excellent sake-- not just excellent for cup sake. Kitaro's sibling cups: Oyaji and Nezumi Otoko are equally good, and each very different. It's a tiny tour of Tottori prefecture, and a throwback to Tottori's beloved old-timey manga/cartoon, Gegege no Kitaroo, that graced Japanese televisions over 30 years ago. This is the character Medama Oyaji, One Eye Old Man, who enjoys baths in a ramen bowl. Gokyraru Oyaji means "old man having a great time!" He is the main hero of the manga/anime.

Prefecture: Tottori
Rice: Goriki
Rice Polish: 55%
Yeast: N/A
Style: Junmai Ginjo
ABV: 16%