Chiyomusubi "Kitaro" Junmai Ginjo Cup
Chiyomusubi "Kitaro" Junmai Ginjo Cup

Chiyomusubi "Kitaro" Junmai Ginjo Cup

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Cute packaging aside, this is a really good junmai ginjo. It's distinctive for its lovely balance of rich umami and juicy fruit. Notes of ripe honeydew melon, applesauce, vanilla pudding, and just-ripe banana, make a strong case for a little $10 splurge! 

The Chiyomusubi series are excellent sake-- not just excellent for cup sake. Kitaro's sibling cups: Oyaji and Nezumi Otoko are equally good, and each very different. It's a tiny tour of Tottori prefecture, and a throwback to Tottori's beloved old-timey manga/cartoon that graced Japanese televisions over 30 years ago!

Location: Tottori Prefecture
Rice: Goriki
Polish: 55%
Style: Junmai Ginjo