Tengumai Junmai Yamahai "Dance of the Demon"

Tengumai Junmai Yamahai "Dance of the Demon"

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Rich and brothy. Delicious room temp, lightly warmed, all the way up to tea-hot. I love it at soup temp: around 120F.

Tastes like melted butter, warm nourishing broth, morel mushrooms, miso, sweet soy glaze, British toffee, wet straw, apple rings and Good Earth tea. Earthy and comforting with a bit of tangy spice (allspice? clove? black pepper?), acidity and smoky mineral texture carrying the finish. Like the very best warm chai of my dreams.

Bottling date: 5/22 ; total available: 4 of 48 bottles
Tasting notes were recorded when this sale inventory was received on 4/18/23, and are from this specific bottling date. Backstock inventory is being kept under cool (cellar) conditions and will be re-tasted at periodic intervals to confirm condition.

Prefecture: Ishikawa
Rice: Gohyakumangoku
Starter method: Yamahai
Polishing: 60%
Aging: 2-3y
Yeast: proprietary house yeast (likely a version of the local strain)
Pairing: Teriyaki, grilled cheese & tomato soup, melted funky cheeses, mushroom anything