Daisekkei Tokubetsu Junmai Hiyaoroshi

Daisekkei Tokubetsu Junmai Hiyaoroshi

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In a prefecture famous for full bodied, sweet sake, Daisekkei is a champion of refreshing, crisp, and earthy flavors. 

This Hiyaoroshi shows refreshing yet deep notes of torched grapefruit, muscat, mineral water, pear, vanilla, fresh corn and applesauce, finishing with a mineral zing. A really interesting one for folks who love their sake dry, mineral and complex.


  • Brewery: Daisekkei Shuzo ( 大雪渓), named for a gorge in the Northern Japan Alps
  • Brand: Daisekkei
  • Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai
  • Polish: 59%
  • Prefecture: Nagano 
  • Yeast: 701
  • SMV: +4
  • Rice: Hitogokochi (Nagano)
  • Established: 1898


“I devote my life to making sake and always think about sake first. I personally control every aspect of the brewing to ensure the whole process runs happily.  Our brewing policy is to do nothing special, but be honest and sincere.
-Toji Mamoru Nagase