Matsuse Shuzo Matsunotsukasa Kimoto Junmai

Matsuse Shuzo Matsunotsukasa Kimoto Junmai

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Brewer’s Description: This is brewed using the Kimoto zukuri method, which reexamines the fundamentals of sake brewing. This is a traditional way of making sake that utilizes the power of nature. At our brewery, we do not add yeast, but instead brew sake the old-fashioned way, with the help of lactic acid bacteria naturally grown by the yeast living in the brewery (kura-tsuki yeast), which survives and selects other microorganisms. Fermentation with brewer’s yeast gives it a natural umami core, moderate acidity and sharpness, and a mild taste that is typical of Matsu no Tsukasa.

Sunflower notes:
My favorite sake, of over 100 tasted, at Sake Day 2023. I believe that even if I had tasted all 200, my mind would be made up.

Matsunotsukasa is imported in tiny quantities against high demand by the extremely selective and thoughtful importer, BMMI imports, which is co-managed by beverage hero Alex Bernardo of Vineyard Gate in Millbrae, California. Through the coordinated efforts of BMMI and Fifth Taste, and after 6 weeks of patience, I'm so thrilled to have Matsunotsukasa Kimoto to share with Portland. Almost ALL bottles are allocated to club (no hate to the rest of yall, but seasonal/monthly club is the best way to get the rare stuff) so if you see one in stock, jump on it before I do.
We'll see more come around next year when the next batch is finished brewing.
This is a sake that's a bit hard to describe accurately. Tasting notes wouldn't do it any justice. It has an incredible, fairly dry, austere, lovely texture, with notes of fresh cream, spring water, plump wheat berries and rum-raisin bread pudding. The acidity is shockingly moderate for a natural fermentation kimoto, which speaks to the special care and attention Matsunotsukasa grants to their process. It reminds me of Hanabusa in the use of organic rice and low-intervention methods, but with elevated and elegant results.

Honestly-- I could drink this all day, and never tire.

Rice: Yamadanishiki, Ginfubuki (local to Ryuou, Shiga- farmed organically)
Semaibuai: 65%
Yeast: Ambient
Acidity: 1.1
Water: Well water around brewery
SMV: 0
ABV: 15.6
Best served: Room temp, Warm, chilled. Sample it at a range of temperatures from chilled to hot to fully explore its wealth of flavours.

From the brewery website:
At Matsunotsukasa we aim to always be true to ourselves in brewing sake. A few simple things make Matsunotsukasa what it is: we start with carefully selected local ingredients, sake-specific rice grown nearby and water drawn up from 120 m underground. 
Our brewing water comes from the underflow of the Echigawa River, which rises in the Suzuka mountain range. We take the water from where it runs under an expanse of bedrock at a depth of 120 m.
All of our sake rice is grown under direct contract and close supervision, then painstakingly milled by brewery staff. Sake takes its flavour from koji, and we produce koji-inoculated rice by the labor-intensive box method. We also brew with our own yeast cultures using sokujo or kimoto starters as suited to the intended style of sake.
We take great care when producing sake, brewing the main ferment in small batches (1.2 t or less) in order to achieve complete fermentation at relatively low temperatures,
and storing bottled sake on site at low temperatures (5℃ or lower), all to produce the best sake possible based on our extensive brewing experience.
This careful process produces the rich, distinctive Matsunotsukasa flavour.