Shirafuji Suimei Nigori

Shirafuji Suimei Nigori

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From the brewer:

"Naturally carbonated, fresh nigorizake has a refreshing, dry taste.
Since the yeast is still alive in the bottle, the harmony between the natural carbonation produced by the yeast and the mildness of the rice is very unique.
It is an unusual sake that changes in taste every day.
It is a sake that can only be made in limited quantities from a single barrel.
The yeast is alive. The period during which the yeast can be enjoyed is fleeting. Please drink it up as soon as possible."



  • Brewed in Woodinville, WA
  • Rice: Arkansas Yamada Nishiki
  • Yeast: #9
  • Grade: Nama Genshu Nigori
  • ABV: 17-18%