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Makiri "Extra Dry" Junmai Ginjo Kimoto Nama Genshu

Makiri "Extra Dry" Junmai Ginjo Kimoto Nama Genshu

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 These Spring releases are so ephemeral that by the time I do a writeup, I'm staring at the last bottle on the shelf. Oh well. Still one more bottle to be enjoyed by a lucky sake lover. Here at Sunflower, I do cherish and remember pretty much every bottle that goes home with a guest!

On to the sake-- this is coming from the same brewery as Hatsumago, a kimoto-only brewery, and that's about where the commonality ends. Like Sawanoi, the kimoto expression here is very unique. It's not your standard creamy-buttery thing, but instead the kimoto start is lending a brightness: a lemon and dried lemon note, with a sharp and zippy, pink peppercorn or sansho pepper note. When it's first opened, stronger fruit flavors sitting on top-- rainier cherry, green apple, lemon-lime soda, gin fizz-- but as the flavors settle over 2-3 weeks, more complexity and savory notes (pepper, lemon, grain) come to the fore. 

I had this with a bowl of guacamole and it was to die for, pulling the lime and cilantro out of the background. With a cheese plate, this extra-dry sake brought out a lovely sweetness in both mimolette and parmesan. I feel like this is a very versatile brew because of its lemon pepper notes, dryness, and relatively clean umami from the kimoto.


  • Brewery: Tohoku Meijo
  • Brand: Makiri 
  • Grade: Junmai Ginjo Kimoto Namazake Genshu
  • Polish: 55%
  • Prefecture: Yamagata 
  • Rice: Miyamanishiki
  • Est.: 1893
  • SMV +10